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Hi! Welcome to issue #10 of my newsletter - I'm Glad You Asked. Below you'll find a bunch of stuff you didn't ask for, but will hopefully enjoy.

We'll start with some WordPress news and stuff you should add to your calendar. I'll list out some of my favorite resources and reads from the past few weeks. Following that, the newest stuff I've been up to and we'll wrap up with a mindset challenge.

Let's get started!

πŸ”— My Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite links from the past few weeks. Some is WordPress related, some isn't. But hopefully there's something cool in here you can use!


πŸ”₯ Necessary Trouble

Welcome to a new section of my newsletter where I'm going to complain/bitch/explain something that has really been bothering me lately. Think of it as a rant, but with less cussing and finger pointing and more trying to get to the bottom of an issue.

I've been seeing a lot of tweets recently about documentation. Sarah Drasner and Nick DeJesus - two people I admire and respect a lot - have recently tweeted about the importance of documentation and I happen to agree wholeheartedly.

It ticks me off that many companies and developers treat docs as a "nice to have." Or they write them, publish them, and forget about them. I started feeling passionately about writing documentation when I worked at GiveWP. Their doc library is extensive, helpful, and encouraging. But no set of docs is ever truly done, especially when you have a product that is as huge and ever-growing as the GiveWP suite of products.

I feel so passionately about this I'm giving a talk at Laracon in September about what makes good product documentation.

But what I want to know is why do people not prioritize docs from the start? A lot the time it seems like a systemic or process-based problem; a startup of a few devs with a great idea for a product won't have the infrastructure necessary to write and maintain good docs. Is it a time/money concern? There's so
much to pay for and do when you run a business - big or small. The product sells without docs, so what's the point, really? A lot of devs don't consider themselves "good writers," and so they decide that no docs is better than bad docs.

I think the answer is different from company to company. But the solution is always the same: fucking do it anyway (okay, so there will be some cussing in this section.)

I intend to publish my Laracon talk after the event, and it includes all the reasons why I think docs are important. But until then, please start working on a game plan for writing (or rewriting, or re-organizing, or updating) your documentation. I guarantee your users, your wallet, and your support team will thank you.

πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’» Newest From Me

So I finally have something shiny and new to share with you! After a lot of thinking and writing and second guessing... I have started an LLC, which I am treating as the umbrella brand for all of my video and podcast production work.

Now this LLC is basically just me putting a nicer, more official coat of paint over my existing freelance work. And structuring myself to be able to scale, protect myself from legal action, all that fun stuff. It's still me, doing mostly the same stuff, just with my big-girl pants on now.

But I'm incredibly proud of myself for taking this step and formalizing this working relationship with myself.

If you want to learn more about my work, please check out Beedia Productions! 🐝 I haven't shared this link with lots of people yet - just a few peers and a few friends. I would love your feedback before I fully announce it everywhere!

Things I've been enjoying:
πŸ“Ί Torchwood. I'm revisiting the series with friends who have never seen it and it is WILD.
πŸ“™ Welcome to Night Vale. I don't think I've ever been more confused by or in love with a book before.
🎢 Gotye's full discography. Someone I Used to Know is his least interesting song, honestly.
🐌 My new pet snails! I've been obsessing over Cher and Dionne for the past few weeks.

✨Time for Something New

A little while ago I asked y'all if I should start accepting sponsors for this newsletter. The answer to that question was an overwhelming yes!

So let's give this a shot. If you have a post or article, video, product, service, or event you'd like me to feature, please send an email to and let me know! Happy to answer any pricing and engagement questions you may have.

Each sponsor will get a full section in the newsletter dedicated to them, with one graphic, two links, and a 100% honest write up by me.

If you don't have something to promote, but want to support this newsletter, you can always...

Buy me a coffee
Enjoying this newsletter? Help me fuel it by supporting my caffeine addition - uhh, habit. No, no, requirement. Interest?

πŸ’Œ A Challenge

So this is the part of the newsletter where I provide a mindset challenge for you to focus on.

This week is an actual challenge. Like something I genuinely want you to do, so pay attention!

Reply to this email and tell me something you want to accomplish within the next week. It can be anything. Something work related, something personal, something internal, something external... something that will improve your quality of life and make you proud of yourself.

I'll reply in one week and ask you how you are progressing on that thing. Think of it as your own personal accountability check-in!

So that's your challenge! I'm glad you asked!
xoxo Allie

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