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Hi! Welcome to issue #1 of my newsletter - I'm Glad You Asked. Below you'll find a bunch of stuff you didn't ask for, but will hopefully enjoy.

We'll start with some WordPress news and stuff you should add to your calendar. I'll list out some of my favorite resources and reads from the past few weeks. Following that, the newest stuff I've been up to and we'll wrap up with a mindset challenge.

Let's get started!
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🗣 WP Coffee Talk w/ Matt Mullenweg

Did you know I was the first guest on Michelle Frechette's WP Coffee Talk Podcast? She recently had WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg on as guest #100! Talk about a glow up.

🗣 WordPress 5.7 "Esperanza"

The newest WP version includes new admin colors, streamlined editing, and better controls. Test it out yourself! What is your favorite and least favorite parr of this newest release?

🗣 Elementor is broken!

WordFence is my number one stop for all things WordPress security. Their latest blog post talks about vulnerabilities with the popular page builder, Elementor.

📆 Atarim Web Agency Summit

This free online event is meant for web agency owners, developers, marketers, and business owners. While the content looks interesting... only about 1/3 of the speakers are women and almost none are POC!

📆 WordCamp Northeast Ohio

This is the next North American WordCamp! (Following Greece and Central America) Apply to speak before March 15 or sign up to volunteer! If you've been craving some community connection, here's your shot!

📆 #OKC Meetup with Topher DeRosia

Topher DeRosia, is talking about increasing conversions in your e-commerce store at the Oklahoma City WordPress Users Group! Tune in if you have a store on WordPress.

🔗 My Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite links from the past few weeks. Some is WordPress related, some isn't. But hopefully there's something cool in here you can use!

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👩🏾‍💻 Newest From Me

My Latest Blog Post
I recently wrote a rather personal blog post about leaving WP Buffs, the aftermath of that, and what I am up to now. If that's something you're into, it's available right now on my website.

I now offer *~services*~
Now that I am no longer employed at WP Buffs, I'm offering a handful of other services! You can hire me to voice your videos, write blog posts, speak at your event, or help you create educational videos!

My LinkedIn Learning Course has launched!
One of my biggest accomplishments this year so far was completing/publishing my first course with LinkedIn Learning! I worked on it for the majority of 2020. And I've already started on course number 2! Check out "WordPress: Building a Secure Site" here!

Some personal recs:

📺 WandaVision
🎶 K-Pop group BTS
🎮 Gris (on PS4)
🥣 Lentil Soup
📖 Stuff You Should Know: An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things

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💌 A Challenge

So this is the part of the newsletter where I provide a mindset challenge for you to focus on until my next issue. This is something I am currently working on myself.

I challenge you every day to focus on finding ways to be productive, healthy, and creative. Since making the shift from FT to freelance, those are the three things I try to check off every day. Even if it means I do yoga for 15 minutes or reach for water instead of coffee - that is a healthy decision. If I spend some time working instead of playing videos games - that's productive. If I take some time to feed a pointless creative project - I'm being creative. (Recently, I've been particularly inspired by creative projects from people like Adam Warner and Taylor Waldon.)

It doesn't mean I have to dedicate every waking moment to these things. It means I make conscious decisions to water the seeds of my life that need growth.

So that's your challenge! I'm glad you asked!
xoxo Allie

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