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Hi! Welcome to issue #5 of my newsletter - I'm Glad You Asked. Below you'll find a bunch of stuff you didn't ask for, but will hopefully enjoy.

We'll start with some WordPress news and stuff you should add to your calendar. I'll list out some of my favorite resources and reads from the past few weeks. Following that, the newest stuff I've been up to and we'll wrap up with a mindset challenge.

Let's get started!

🗣 Welcome to the Openverse

CC Search (Openverse) is now a part of the WP open source project! What does this mean for people like you and me? Dive into the announcement and Mullenweg's statement to find out more about the impact of this news.

🗣 Yoast Diversity Fund

Have you heard of the The Yoast Diversity Fund? Yoast (yes, the SEO plugin!) is sponsoring people who work on projects that benefit WordPress! If you are doing/want to start something awesome, apply to be funded before May 31st, 2021 to be considered.

🗣 Hungry Hungry Hosting Companies

Liquid Web has acquired yet another WordPress brand - this time, GiveWP. Feelings about acquisitions these days are mixed, but it seems like a win-win in this case! Congrats to the entire GiveWP family for this awesome accomplishment.

🔗 My Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite links from the past few weeks. Some is WordPress related, some isn't. But hopefully there's something cool in here you can use!

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Click here to read the full thread.

👩🏾‍💻 Newest From Me

Hysteria - One of the non-WordPress related things I'm working on is a horror fiction podcast! It's called Hysteria. I'm extremely excited to get to work on it. Currently, I'm looking for female voice actors and sponsors! The full story behind the idea, as well as information about how to get involved, is at the Hysteria podcast website.

I've got merch! - A new fun thing no one asked for - merch! I've launched a merch store and I am doing a soft launch right now! Subscribers to my newsletter are the first people I'm telling! There are only a few things now, but feel free to visit the merch store here to scope it out. If there's anything you want, you can have 5% off using the code gladyouasked. I hope to add stickers in the future... what kind of merch would you like to see in the store?

Things I've been enjoying:
📺 Other people playing RE8
🎶 Hertz Music
🫖 Lots of peppermint tea
📖 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (yes, still. that shit is long.)

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💌 A Challenge

So this is the part of the newsletter where I provide a mindset challenge for you to focus on until my next issue. This is something I am currently working on myself.

My friend Christie and I have started this little saying... "top tier energy only." It's what I started saying to myself when I started freelancing and was looking for opportunities.

When you are bogged down with imposter syndrome, you often adopt a "take-what-you-can-get" mentality. You take the opportunities that come along because, well, you need the work.

But I'm here to tell you to wait. Wait for the top tier opportunities. Wait for the top tier people. Wait for the top tier experiences. It is so scary to say no, especially if you're low on work or feeling lonely. Those emotions make it easier to say yes to things and people that are below you or don't offer you growth.

In the next week or so, if a person or opportunity comes into your life, think to yourself... "can I call this top tier?" When I say "top tier" I don't mean things that are exclusive or expensive or elite. I mean the things that check all of your boxes... the things that don't just sustain you, but enrich you.

So that's your challenge! I'm glad you asked!
xoxo Allie

P.S. The next time you hear from me, I'm going to be fully vaccinated! I hope you and your loved ones have been able to access the vaccination and remain safe and healthy.

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