About Allie

Allie is a 27 year old, Miami-based, self-taught WordPress user.

She majored in theatre at Florida State University, where she honed her visual design skills, learned how to collaborate with others, work toward a common goal, and create something larger than the sum of its parts.

After leaving FSU, Allie started learning web design and coding out of library books, then through online resources like Udemy and Code Academy. While she found code interesting, the design of it all was always her favorite part.

Her first job at a local agency introduced her to WordPress, SEO, social media marketing, and maintenance. After a year of sponging up as much information as she could, she struck out on my own and formed Allie Nimmons Creative, which grew into Pixel Glow Web Design. Through her own business, she provided design, development and WordPress website maintenance for dozens of brands and companies.

Allie loves speaking about and connecting through WordPress. She currently works remotely as a tech support team member at GiveWP, the leading WordPress donation plugin and travels to WordCamps as a GoDaddy Pro speaker ambassador.

Currently, she lives in North Miami, Florida with her fiancee. She is currently reading So You Want to Talk About Race, currently watching Downton Abbey, and currently listening to this Spotify playlist.

Where to Find Me

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