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Elevating My Multi-Site Management Experience to GoDaddy Pro

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of being transfixed and enchanted by shiny new tools, especially if they help me be either more organized or help me provide more value. Consequently, I often find myself weighing two different tools against each other, unsure if one will provide more value than the other. It’s rare that I get to merge two tools together for an experience that offers me the best of both worlds.

When I started offering on-going WordPress website maintenance to my clients, I immediately discovered and began using ManageWP. I’ve mentioned it here or there in previous posts and videos and I’ve always been happy with it. 

But GoDaddy has a new product – GoDaddy Pro – that elevates the ManageWP experience by plugging in some pretty sweet value-ads; both for you and your clients. Let’s take a brief dive into GoDaddy Pro and how it adds to the ManageWP experience we all know and love.


Originally, when I logged into ManageWP, I was taken directly to my Dashboard where I could see all my tools. Now, when I log into GoDaddy Pro, I see my ProHome Dashboard.

At a glance, I can zero in on the most pressing issues, like security problems, drops in traffic, or slow performing websites. Usually, this information would be scattered around my Dashboard. But now, I have this Action Center module which basically gives me a to-do list of things to address. And it updates in real-time so I know the information I’m seeing is up to date.

A screenshot of my GoDaddy Pro Home Action Center - showing sites with security problems, traffic drops and slow performance.

Also on my Pro Home Dashboard, I can see my most recently added sites. This is helpful because those are usually sites I’m actively building or working on, as opposed to sites that are quietly and happily being maintained in the background.

And then I can see my Clients. One of the nifty things about GoDaddy Pro is that any of your clients who use GoDaddy can give you direct access to their GoDaddy accounts. Once you’ve been grated access, you’re able to:

  • Manage all their GoDaddy products
  • Buy additional products on their behalf
  • Create a shopping cart with items and then send them a link to confirm and complete the purchase

Any client who has given you that sort of access is quick-linked from the Pro Home page for easy accessibility. I love this feature because there are no passwords for me to store or remember and I don’t have to walk my client through choosing products (or risk them purchasing the wrong one.)

Maintenance Mode

I primarily used ManageWP for maintaining my client sites. I focus a lot on things like:

  • Updating WordPress plugins and themes
  • Monitoring uptime and troubleshooting issues
  • Taking backups automatically
  • Cloning staging sites to launch into live sites
  • Deleting spam comments

And so much more. And as I said, I was extremely satisfied with the way ManageWP allowed me to do all this without having to log into each site individually.

Upgrading to GoDaddy Pro means you can seamlessly merge your new GoDaddy Pro account with your existing ManageWP account. Now, when I log into GoDaddy Pro and head over to the ProSites section, I’m using basically the same ManageWP tools and interface. The merging of my two accounts preserved all my site connections, backups, and records. If you’re hesitating on moving to GoDaddy Pro because you love ManageWP, you have nothing to fear. The experience is identical and the support staff was super helpful in getting everything transfered for me.

Below is A) a screenshot of my website profile on ManageWP and B) a screenshot of my website profile on GoDaddy pro!

A screenshot of my site's dashboard in managewp, displaying information like plugin updates and the last successful backup taken.

A screenshot of my GoDaddy Pro dashboard which is almost identical to the ManageWP one above.


Another neat perk of GoDaddy Pro is the ProConnect feature. Once you’ve gotten settled into your new Dashboard, you can create a profile for yourself. The interface helps you create a simple little portfolio of your work to show off.

I haven’t seen any contacts or new business from the ProConnect profile I set up, but it’s only been a week. I love having this neat little profile which – if I didn’t have a full site yet – would be a great tool to begin connecting with others. Thinking of this from a new designers’ perspective, having an easy to share and organized portfolio is instrumental to getting started. And GoDaddy Pro builds one for you!

The Verdict?

Overall, I’m quite happy to have made the switch. I was nervous at first that I would only be able to use GoDaddy-hosted sites with this tool. That would be a problem since I offer re-seller hosting with Siteground. But it’s incredibly flexible; while there are some sweet perks for sites using GoDaddy products, it doesn’t discriminate against sites hosted on other platforms.

I was also concerned that I would have to migrate or re-sync my 24 websites into a new program. But all it took was a simple request to support and my ManageWP account was seamlessly transferred.

GoDaddy Pro has checked all my boxes. I’m able to maintain the user experience that I love without learning an entirely new tool – but the Pro system provides some excellent extras that I’ve adapted to quickly.

Are you thinking of making the switch from ManageWP to GoDaddy Pro?

By Allie

Allie is a tech support team member at GiveWP, the leading WordPress donation plugin and travels to WordCamps as a GoDaddy Pro speaker ambassador. She owns Pixel Glow Maintenance, where she provides WordPress maintenance services to growing businesses.

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