I was on the WPCoffeeTalk Podcast!

I was on my first every podcast with Michelle Ames.

I was on my first every podcast! I connected with Michelle Ames via twitter. She sent out an invite for people to apply to be interviewed on the podcast, so of course I jumped on the opportunity.

I’m not sure I remember who retweeted her tweet, which I then saw, because we weren’t following each other before. But I am so pleased to have found Michelle. She was so amazingly easy to talk to and since my interview, the podcast has (unsurprisingly) taken off like a rocket.

In the episode, we talk about WordPress, our experiences with it, WordCamps, and the community as a whole. I go into what my client processes were at the time, what irks me about lazy website designs, and so, so much more.

And the greatest part is that now we’re co-workers at Give WP!

Listen to the entire podcast episode here!

By Allie

Allie is a tech support team member at GiveWP, the leading WordPress donation plugin and travels to WordCamps as a GoDaddy Pro speaker ambassador. She owns Pixel Glow Maintenance, where she provides WordPress maintenance services to growing businesses.

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