An image of a close up on a stack of 6 chocolate chip cookies against a white backgorund

I’d seen Topher DeRosia speak at previous WordCamps, but we didn’t really meet until this year at WordCamp Miami 2019. I was so honored when he asked me to contribute an essay to his curated blog – HeroPress.

It was a challenging thing to write. I understood the value of being open and vulnerable in a piece like this. I wanted to take this opportunity to use my story to connect with others who are currently where I used to be.

I’m not a stranger to talking about myself, my past, or my struggles. I’m a pretty open book. But usually, I’m telling all that stuff to someone I’ve met and decided to share with. This was different – this article has been added as a link to every WordPress dashboard in the world!

So far, the feedback has been nothing but warm and positive. I hope that there is someone, somewhere, who can be touched and moved to action by what I’ve written.

Read “I Am Cookie Dough” here.

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