Making Stronger Website Design Choices

Designing a website is

like decorating a home.

Color Rules

No matter what, always begin with color psychology research

Create a palette with intention:

  1. Primary color
  2. Bold (for clickables)
  3. One or two accents (one light, one dark)
  4. Two font colors (one light, one dark)

Good rules of thumb:

  1. Smaller elements should be darker
  2. Clickable elements should be a unique color
  3. Keep colors accessible
  4. Keep similar colors separate
  5. Choose photos accordingly

Prioritize Accessibility

Font Styles

No script or cursive

Serifs are strongest for headings

Sans-serifs are strongest for body text

Good rules of thumb:

  1. 14-16 pt is ideal for body font
  2. Size x 1.5 = ideal line height
  3. 55 to 75 is the optimal number of characters per line
  4. Use Heading tags strategically and consistently
  5. Don’t center unless it’s a title!

If you can write a little bit less but still communicate the same thing, you can also get your point across the same or even better!

Less is more.

Space Case

Negative space is positive space

Negative space is intentional space

The secret to perfect spacing

is balance and consistency.

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