Workshop: How to Be an Ally

As the world becomes more and more open, we find ourselves navigating complicated and painful problems around race. When our last desire is to hurt, but our words carry weight we don’t intend, it’s hard to know where to go.

In this 2 hour workshop, Allie Nimmons provides mindset shifts and actionable goals for those who are struggling with effective allyship.

Being an ally is about doing the work to surpass the fear of failure for want of a more positive outcome

The content is based off her popular blog post: How to Be a WordPress Ally and includes new information and recommendations not mentioned in the post.

During the workshop, you can expect to:

  • Truly understand what it means to be an ally – from mindset to practice – and unlearn some misconceptions about being an ally.
  • Learn how to talk about race in a way that is calm, non-incendiary, and intelligent.
  • Make a list of attainable goals for yourself around making your environment more welcoming and diverse.
  • Obtain up-to-date resources that can help further your independent education on allyship.

If you were debating about whether to take this workshop, do it.

“Allie provided space in her workshop for me to internally reflect on all of the ways that I have privilege and to be mindful of how I move through the world and interact with others. She responded to difficult and thoughtful questions with grace and consideration.” – Heather Gray

Allie Nimmons has worked with WordPress for seven years as a designer, developer, support tech, community manager, and digital producer. She has three years of experience coaching and advising members of the WordPress community on DEI challenges.

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This presentation comes with my highest recommendation.

“This presentation and workshop is vital for anyone who values diversity and inclusion in their professional organizations, and their own personal lives. This workshop is crucial for people in the tech space who can effectively use their own privilege for the greater good, if they so choose to.” – John Locke

We want our events, projects, websites, companies, and teams to be welcoming and diverse places. But the work that is required to do it “the right way” can seem like a minefield of mistakes, unintended insults, micro-aggressions, and ultimately: failure. If you don’t know what you don’t know, this workshop can be your starting place.