zoom co-working

Every once in a while, I really enjoy hosting silent Zoom co-working calls. They are really helpful for focus as well as getting to meet new friends!

They are usually 2-3 hours long. Everyone is asked to stay on mute, camera on is optional. Personally, seeing folks while I work helps me focus and helps hold me accountable to whatever it is I’m working on. I keep the chat open in case people do want to talk!

If you’d like to be notified via email every time I host one of these calls, sign up below.

Please note that I prefer to limit these calls to people I know/have met before (even if it’s just through Twitter.) I may remove your email if I don’t know who you are in order to limit the possibility of a Zoom-bomb.

🤞 let’s be productive together!

I’ll literally only ever email you about zoom co-working calls and I won’t share your email, ever. Promise!